McKinney's Western Store

Sidran manufactures and wholesales dress slacks, sportcoats and suited separate items for the Western-style clothing retailers. Sidran is the leading producer of these items, servicing all major retailers along with numerous smaller chains and individual stores.


The Roper brand was introduced to the Western world in 1986 to offer innovative quality products. Roper is one of many Brands owned by Karman Inc., est. in 1948.


In 1998, the Cruel Girl brand was created as a premium western brand that complemented every girl’s favorite features while maintaining a dedication to an active lifestyle. With great fit, quality and attitude the brand continued to grow to what it is today.

Cruel Girl

Wrangler® is enduring American freedom; it's in the spirit of people who work hard, have fun and recognize courageous individuality. As a company, we believe in solid commitments and perseverance in the face of obstacles and challenges. Most of all, we respect ourselves, each other, our western heritage and the environment in which we live.


Since 1996, the Cinch Clothing brand has been creating quality jeans and shirts for western men both in and out of the arena. Some of the best athletes from the rodeo, bull riding and equine performance circles love Cinch jeans and shirts because of the quality fit and the authentic western look.

Cinch Jeans

Today, Stetson is so truly world-wide that there can be but few corners of the globe where the name Stetson is not known and honored. Nearing it’s 150th anniversary, the company is much more than hats, and continues to bring product steeped in the authentic American spirit to customers around the world.

Stetson Apparel

Panhandle Slim is one of few privately owned Western apparel companies, and prides itself on creating fresh styles for customers in the ever-changing Western fashion world.

Panhandle Slim

Established as the all-American fashion brand, Miss Me® celebrates innovation and quality with young contemporary price points. The line has been featured in Glamour, Lucky, Elle, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Teen Vogue among others and has been worn by Miley Cyrus, Mischa Barton, Lindsay Lohan and Beyonce Knowles among others. Miss Me® can be found worldwide at select retailers all throughout Europe, Latin America, Japan and the US.

Miss Me