How to Wear Cowboy Boots with a Wedding Dress

Some women don’t really prefer high-heeled shoes even when they’re at work. They either find it hard to walk on them or they find it uncomfortable to wear or they just simply dislike it. A wedding just doesn’t make the cut to wear one either, even if it’s their own wedding. Nightmare? Absolutely not. You know what? You can wear cowboy boots with a wedding dress down the aisle! No, I am not kidding.  


  Why wear Cowboy Boots on Your Wedding Day? If you grew up to be a country girl and you met your groom in your city, then it would be sentimental to have a barn or ranch wedding. Think of yourself, riding a white horse in your flowy white wedding gown. The barn façade adorn with hanging LED lights and stringed cut-out flowers. Now, when you’re in your cowboy boots, you could just easily slip off your horse to your cowboy prince in poise.
On the other hand, it would also be practical to wear one. If you’re really going for that natural rustic wedding, then you should note that the path that you’re going to walk on is rugged with pebbles and granite. Wearing cowboy boots would make you feel more at ease.  


  What Type of Cowboy Boots Should You Wear with Your Wedding Dress? The thought of wearing cowboy boots with dresses might scare off some brides, but if done correctly, it would be one unique and rocking bridal outfit of modern times. If you want to be safe, then you should go with brown boots with minimal embellishments and design. If you think brown is boring, then you could go all-white with white or light taupe cowboy boots – elegant, pristine and classy. Those bold brides who want to incorporate their color motif into their cowboy boots can wear color accented boots. Among the colored boots that you can fashion are brass-aqua, brass-multicolor and red. Be careful to choose those over-the-top booties as you may dwindle your bridal charm. It would be nice, especially in the pictures, if you and your bridesmaids could wear similar, same-hued boots. As a bride, you deserve to have all the attention to you on that day and to stand out, you could have a boot with a length slightly taller than theirs or you could have yours with heart cutouts or dainty floral prints.


  What Type of Wedding Dresses Look Best with Cowboy Boots? If you want show off that you’re wearing cowboy boots, you may opt to go with tea-length bridal dresses or the 1950s-style short ones. However, if you want to stand out from the entire bridal entourage, you can always choose the classic lengthy bridal dress – it doesn’t matter. Or, you can have a tea-length front dress with the length slowly increasing from the sides to the back.