Beyond the Ranch: Western Wear Anywhere

McKinneys Western Wear FashionWestern wear is everywhere!

Cowboy fashion is no longer part of the past. From movies, TV shows, chic celebrities, all the way to fun-loving fashionistas around the globe, western wear is big on fashion. It might just be a piece here or a hint there, but western fashion goes from glam to casual no matter where you live or who you are. You do not need a horse, tractor, and pickup to wear western clothing.  

Western fashion is a wide variety of styles

When thinking of western fashion, you might immediately imagine a cowboy topped with a hat, finished with dusty boots. This may have been the case during the Gold Rush days, but today’s western fashion is a broad range of styles and designs for all walks of life. Cowgirls look trendy in sexy western tops, curve-hugging denim jeans, cowgirl boots with embellishments, purses bedecked in bling, belts covered in rhinestones, and hats that defy any western stereotype!   Cowboys can look stylish, too in shirts with an array of western style snaps or graphic tees. Men’s jeans are always a good casual choice, and they pair perfectly with cowboy boots. A man in pair of good fitting jeans and  cowboy boots always gets the ladies’ attention!  

Ranch wear is red carpet-ready!

Western wear is as fashionable as you make it, and it’s not just reserved for the ranch. Western clothing is all over Hollywood, too. Red carpet events often showcase men and women rocking a touch of western fashion. Sometimes it’s just cowboy boots, or just a rhinestone belt, or maybe a snap front western shirt, but the look is unmistakable: it’s western fashion. Nothing gets the cameras flashing like a celebrity in a sexy dress and cowgirl boots.   Besides the red carpet, you’ll see western apparel in fashion shows, on the cover of fashion magazines, on the city streets and on television. Have you seen Hayden Panettiere wearing Corral boots on the TV show Nashville? You’ll likely see her strutting around in her stunning pair!  

Add just a touch of western to your outfit

Traditional western clothing means you are outfitted in a cowboy hat, western shirt, western belt, denim jeans, and cowboy boots. You can go that route, but you will most frequently see just hints of western style in outfits on the city streets. Ladies are flaunting cowgirl tops with skinny jeans, and cowgirl boots with sweaters and skirts. Rhinestone belts and handbags, along with western inspired silver jewelry are being added to everyday outfits to add a punch of bling to casual style. Men easily throw on western shirts and tees over casual jeans. Cowboy boots add a bit more interest to any outfit. Western belts incorporate just a dash of western style into casual looks.

We know western!

Here at McKinney’s Western Store, we offer a handsome selection of men’s cowboy boots, jeans, western shirts, belt buckles, outerwear, and the epitome of western apparel – cowboy hats. Our women’s clothing selection will make you weak in the knees if you have a flair for fashion. Popular jeans from Miss Me Jeans, Cruel Girl, Panhandle Slimoff a cowgirl’s best assets. Women’s tops immediately show the chic side of western wear with exciting prints, embellishments, and flattering silhouettes. Probably the most coveted area of women’s western wear is cowgirl boots. Our customers have so much fun putting outfits together around boots! Need help? If you need help finding that just-right piece for your outfit, we are here for you! Our staff will gladly assist you in finding your style and size. Stop by McKinney’s Western Store in Marion, Illinois to check out our huge selection of western styles at great prices!