Boots are In!

McKinneys Western Wear Boots

In the past, the feeling was that brown goes with everything, and if it didn’t, black would. Those were your two main options when it came to boots. While we all still love our traditional, sturdy Cowboy boots, there is a lot to be said for many of the new options available that can make a statement for any occasion.

Boots, specifically Cowboy Boots are now ‘Fashion’, and it is apparent in the designs and colors we see in the newest offerings by major boot manufacturers. Boots are acceptable wear out on the town as much as on horseback; and now even brides are stomping down the isle in their new boots. But these new boots are no longer your basic solid colors, they are bringing the bling. You can find studs and crystals and sparkles and floral prints; bold colored options with print and embellishments.

The Western Fashion boots still offer hand crafting, a leather shaft, foot and lining and quality stitching for hard use if needed, as well as maintaining a standard heel for comfortable walking or riding. But they go that little extra step. You can can match these boots to the newest season colors, like ‘watermelon’ or ‘teal’, and even pair them with your Little Black Dress for a night out!

Styles are so versatile, a ‘dressy’ pair can now be an essential part of any real cowgirls dress up plan. They are fancy, and fun; but still let you be the cowgirl you are. And you can pair them with other authentic quality western wear pieces with pride.

If you are a little more conservative in your cowgirl style, and want to leave the blingin’ boots to someone else, there are still plenty of choices in basic colors that should make you feel right at home.

No matter your style, you can find just the right boots from today’s selections to meet your most important needs or most desperate wants. And you can find them all right here at McKinney’s Western Store in Marion, Illinois!