For Your New Digs: Cowboy Hat Maintenance

Storage Here are some general rules for storage with the key to all of it being – don’t put pressure on the crown or brim as this may eventually cause the hat to lose its shape. 1. If you do have to lay it on a flat surface, do so with the brim up and more »

Cowboy Christmas: Celebrating in the Old West

Have you ever wondered how people celebrated the Christmas holidays during the days of the Old West? Of course, depending on the time frame and location you look at, there was no certain way of celebrating Christmas, much like there’s no universally accepted Christmas celebration today — although there were common cultural patterns that cowboys, more »

Keeping Your Horse Warm in Winter

A friend of mine blankets her horse as soon as the nights get cool in the Fall. She adds and changes blankets as the winter progresses. In her case, her gelding needs to stay slick and shiny for the winter show circuit. But what about the horses that we take to clinics, use to work more »

How Does Nose Twitching Affect a Horse?

Before clipping a horse’s ears or administering an injection, some equestrians reach for the nose twitch without a second thought. Others, however, find this restraint method controversial and believe it’s harmful to the horse. To better determine how nose twitching influences horses, Ahmed Ali, BVSc, MS, of Michigan State University’s (MSU) Department of Animal Sciences more »

10 Learning Theory-Based Horse Training Principles

Andrew McLean, PhD, BSc, Dipl. Ed, renowned horse trainer and head of the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre, in Victoria, first presented his evidence- and learning theory-based principles of horse training in 2006. Since then he’s been refining and retooling them as he discovers more ways to promote equine welfare. “It’s not about turning horse training more »

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