10 Hot Weather Horse Care Tips

Summer heat can be dangerous for horses, resulting in dehydration, lethargy, and general malaise. Severe heat stress can cause diarrhea, or even colic. But owners can take important steps to keep horses safe and comfortable during the hot days ahead. In a release issued last year, Janet Johnston, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM, ACVS, an emergency critical more »

Choosing Horse Hay

How do you choose hay for your horses? Types available and their nutritional content vary by region and climate. Learn about the many different types of grass and legumes available as horse hay, including: Alfalfa; Pasture grass; Bermuda grass; Ryegrass; Oat; Clover; Smooth bromegrass; Timothy; and more. The grass family contains many common forages for more »

De-worming the Reluctant Horse

It’s hard to blame a horse for failing to enjoy his deworming paste; it doesn’t exactly look like good eats. Although deworming companies have put great effort into making the medicine more palatable, some horses simply haven’t read the memo and refuse to have anything to do with dewormers. A horse that is reluctant to more »

Horse Showing Trends

showing trends
Get a judge’s opinion on recent horse-showing trends and fads. Horse showing is an integral part of many youths’ passion for their horses. Many spend countless hours preparing both their horses and themselves for competition. As with most things, horse showing goes through many trends and fads. However, the bottom line is, how are these more »

Foal and Coat Color

foal coat color
After breeding a mare, it will take 11 long months for her foal – your highly anticipated foal – to be born. While your mare is out grazing the fields, you’re left with a lot of time to dream: what top conformational and temperament qualities the foal will receive from its sire and its dam, more »

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