The Best Horseback Riding Boots

Horseback riding boots are more than just the shoes you wear at the barn. Choosing the right boots is an essential part of making sure you have the equipment you need to ride properly. The best boots for horseback riding are functional boots that simultaneously protect your feet and enable you to cue your horse more »

Bit Basics

By Katie Shoultz   The variety of different horse bits for each discipline can seem endless. Asking yourself some simple questions and understanding how different bits work will help you find just the right bit! It may seem like a simple task of putting on the bridle and slipping in the bit, but don’t be more »

Connecting with Your Horse

    Learn about why the horse/human bond is so important. By Louann Chaudier Despite knowing that close relationships among humans are formed over time, it’s fairly common for us to feel disappointed when our horses remain distant after weeks, or even months, of special attention. Horses do form close attachments over time, but we more »

Training a Horse for Shoeing

excerpt from Maximum Hoof Power If you want your farrier to do his best work and look forward to coming back to your barn, train your horses to be cooperative and relaxed for shoeing. It is not in your farrier’s job description to train your horse. And it is unfair for you to expect him more »

Horse Fly Control For The Barn, Stable & Pasture

The temperatures are rising, the days keep getting longer and we all want to spend more time at the barn with our horses. Unfortunately, humans aren’t the only ones itching to get out to the barn during this time of year. Flies are getting ready to make your barn their home. Not only are these more »

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