Homemade Cowgirl Halloween Costume

How to pull together the best Cowgirl Halloween Costume: A cowgirl outfit is a classic costume. You may already have many of the items needed for a cowgirl costume in your closet, or you can purchase them inexpensively at thrift stores. Let your personality shine through with your choice of accessories and color scheme. Create more »

A Man’s Guide to Western Boots: A Cowboy Boot Primer

The Western-style riding boot is somewhere between folk art, pop culture, and functional clothing. Actors have worn them, and so have Presidents — and for that matter, so have actors who became Presidents. Most men, though, will go through life without ever having tried a cowboy boot on. My advice? Don’t be that guy. Give more »

Am I Too Old to Ride? Horseback riding for Seniors

Perhaps you’ve always wanted a horse and now, finally you are lucky enough to have both the time and money to make your dream come true. Or perhaps, you once were a horse owner or rider and ‘life got in the way’, and you’re now ready to re-enter the horse world. There’s a lot to more »

Fall Feeding Tips for Horses

As temperatures drop, horse owners should begin to make changes in their horse’s feeding program in preparation for winter. But what alterations are needed? Here are some fall feeding tips for horses to consider when preparing to adjust a nutrition program for the colder weather. Water As the temperatures fall, horses will often decrease their water more »

Horse Grooming: A Horse’s Health

Grooming your horse consists of more than just keeping him clean. It’s also a bonding experience for the two of you, as well as the opportunity for you to nip any incipient leg, hoof or skin problems in the bud. The condition of his skin, hair and hooves mirrors his overall health. Grooming Ideally, a more »

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