Clipping your horse: It’s not too late

Whenever I go out for a hack and run into people walking on the trails the first thing I’m asked is why my horse is two colors. “It’s because I paid extra,” I like to tell them. “The second color costs more.” Of course then I explain that I do what’s called a “trace clip” more »

Time is on Your Side: Time Saving Horse Care Tips

“Just 15 more minutes and I’ll be back to the house,” you text your spouse, smartphone in one hand as you top off your horse’s buckets with the other. But in the alternate space-time continuum that is the barn, “15 minutes” turns into 50 (Oh, hey, why don’t I wrap his legs while I’m at more »

Is There Really Such Thing as a ‘Woman’s Horse’?

I often hear people describe a horse as a “woman’s horse,” or conclude from a horse’s behavior that he must have been abused by or received rough handling from men in the past and, therefore, prefers women. What is the likelihood that a horse would relate past experiences with a human’s gender? Your question raises more »

How to woo the one you love: Valentine’s Poetry for the Cowboy or girl in your life

Because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, our McKinney’s family wanted to share some poetry inspired by cowboys and cowgirls. Write one of these in your Valentine’s Day card and woo the one you’re with. Don’t forget to throw in that McKinney’s gift card to seal the deal! 1. “Real Affection,” by Robert V. more »

How Do Different Saddles Impact Horses’ Movement?

As scientists seek to improve their knowledge of different saddles’ effects on horses, Swiss researchers have been focusing their attention on how various saddles influence—or don’t influence—horses’ movement. Saddle type did not appear to impact movement in a group of Icelandic horses, said Katja Geser-von Peinen, DVM, clinical researcher in the Department of Sports Medicine more »

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